"THEFT TALK"™ Counseling Service Inc. is proud to announce our official training video!


This training video was designed to assist professionals in the development of a quality, best practices theft counseling session or educational class. In this video, you will see an actual "THEFT TALK"™ Counseling Service Adult session. You will see from beginning to end, the steps necessary in order to make an impact on your clients. With a focus on cognitive restructuring, you will learn:

* How to conduct a safe, effective, interactive and motivating session

* How to identify risky thinking patters which lead to theft

* Why stealing makes sense . . . according to a theft offender

* Why punishment is ineffective at stopping a person from stealing

* What MUST be present in order for a theft offender to change his behavior


Disk 1 Contents Disk 2 Contents


Circular Thinking

Greeting & Registering Clients

Story of Alice

Getting Started

The Hurts

Cops & Robbers Thinking

Understanding Money



Mental Rehearsing

Thinking Continuum


Closing the Session
  Closing Comments



This video is a joint production between The National Center for the Study of Theft Behaviors and "THEFT TALK"™ Counseling Service Inc


This video can be obtained:


1. When purchasing a "THEFT TALK"™ Seminar you will recieve one (1) free copy.


2. Receive a discount when purchasing The Psychology of Stealing.

a. Recieve a 30% discount when purchasing the manuscript.

b. Recieve a 15% discount when purchasing the CD.

3. You may from "THEFT TALK"™ for $99.00

a. Make an on-line purchase

b. Call 1-800-88-THEFT (1-800-888-4338)



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